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Our Services

We offer individualized legal representation to landlords and tenants.  If you need an experienced landlord tenant attorney to represent you, we understand the unique concerns of property management companies, and individual property owners and small landlords.   We represent clients in the District of Columbia in residential landlord-tenant disputes, including:

  • Litigation services:
    • suits for possession of property due to unpaid rent or lease violations
    • tenant petitions
    • Housing Conditions Court
    • civil or collections cases involving disputes over rent or damages after a tenant has moved out 
    • security deposit disputes 
    • emergency motions for access
    • subsidy disputes 

Most of our clients are small landlords, individual property owners, non-profits, and the property management firms that assist them.  For these clients we offer a range of services that can help with managing the complex web of laws that all DC landlords are required to follow, including:

  • Proactive & pre-litigation services:     
    • reviewing existing leases
    • lease drafting and negotiation
    • bylaws disputes
    • property inspections and risk evaluations for future litigation
    • assistance and advice through the DC landlord licensing process, including helping landlords attempting get business licenses, certificates of occupancy or rent control registration for occupied properties