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Serving the Legal Needs of Small Landlords and Property Managers

We are a full service landlord tenant law firm in the District of Columbia. Landlord tenant disputes in DC require experience and expertise in the law and in the local practices.  

Ms. Fairbanks has the knowledge and ability to assist you with just about any landlord tenant problem.  Disputes over property are often emotional and difficult. We strive to find a resolution to your current landlord tenant problem efficiently and effectively.  We understand that when your property is at risk, you need a strong advocate.  If you need to talk to an experienced landlord tenant attorney, contact us to evaluate whether or not we are a good fit to work together.   

But we go beyond solving your current crisis by providing lease review and revision, advising you on best practices for landlords to avoid future problems, and keeping you informed of legal developments in landlord/tenant law even after your case has ended.  

Please use our site to learn more about our services and to learn more about DC landlord tenant law.  We think you will find useful whether you use our services or not.  Part of our mission is to provide information about DC landlord tenant law for landlords and tenants in an interesting and accessible format through our blog.

If you decide you would like to learn more about representation or you would like to arrange a consultation to evaluate your particular situation, contact us.

Why choose us?  We believe that in addition to being clients, you are customers.

We believe that knowledge is power and we provide you with information about the law and let you decide how much or how little help you need to achieve the legal outcome you desire. 

We can provide you with superior service by:

  • Providing you advice from an experienced and knowledgeable landlord tenant lawyer
  • Guiding you through the legal process with information to allow you to control
  •  your case  
  • Attention to detail and professional service
  • Advocating for your interests in landlord/tenant court, Housing Conditions Court, DCRA, and in tenant petitions
  • Allowing you to return to your life while we worry about your landlord/tenant problems

Please contact us or call 202 681 4694 for more information and specific advice about how we can assist you.