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Small Landlords and Investors 

  • Each case is important to us because each client is important to us. If you have one property or ten, each investment is a huge part of your cash flow. We don't file hundreds of cases at once. Unlike large corporate landlords, small landlords need individualized solutions.  Each tenant who stops paying makes a serious impact on the bottom line, so it isn't just about getting your case into court, but getting it resolved in a way that works for you and gets you back into positive cash flow as quickly as possible. If the tenant is staying, it also involves managing the relationship with the tenant and setting new expectations for the tenant so they are aware they must now pay rent on time and in full. A bad tenant can also have animpact on your life by harassing you, threatening you, or just making life miserable. I am here to take on your tenant and let you get on with your life.  

  • I take a pro-active approach, so all those nagging concerns you may have about any paperwork you didn't submit or any concerns you have can be resolved up front and we can put together the best possible case for you to move forward in getting rent or possession of your property.  

  • If you come to me before you rent your property I can assist with lease preparation, advise on tenant selection criteria, and will prepare and file DCRA paperwork for you or advise you on how to do so.     

  • I provide assistance with making sure your licensing and registration requirements are met before we start a case so that you are not delayed by having to start over months later.   
  • I do site visits and property walk-throughs so you can be ready for inspections and prepare documentation for future court cases, if needed.  
  • If you do not live in the area or are trying to get possession of your primary residence so you can return to the area, I work with you to minimize the number of times you need to appear in court and work with you by phone, email, and secure online communication instead of forcing you to come to the area.  
  • I am available outside of normal business hours to discuss your case or visit properties because I know you have a job and a life that doesn't involve your tenants.