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Property Management Companies/Non-Profit Housing Providers/Multi-Family Housing

  • If you have individual, small landlord, or non-profit housing provider clients who could benefit from our service model we are happy to work along side you to give them the best service possible and allow you to continue with your business.  
  • We offer a full-service landlord-tenant practice, providing quick turn around time for suits and technological improvements that give us an efficacy advantage.  
  • We use automatic scanning for all faxes so you can send us a lease once instead of each month.  
  • Leases and ledgers are scanned automatically and are always in court with us when the case is in court so you receive fewer phone calls or last minute document requests.  
  • We use high quality process servers with experience in landlord-tenant cases and experience testifying in court.  
  • We update cases directly into the suit list and you receive court updates, from the attorney, even during the court date. 
  • Whether it is looking up service-members affidavits or organizing documents for discovery, you can choose how much or how little you want to do and how much you want us to do and coordinate that with yor client.     
  • We ask you in advance about the best dates for you for continued cases, trial dates, and other hearings, so instead of coming back from court with a date that you cannot attend and forcing further delay, we work with the needs of your office and schedule.  
  • We prepare with you for court before the day of court by preparing documents, discussing testimony, and discussing possible settlement options with you in advance so you have time to collect documents, and discuss the case with your company.  
  • We prepare your staff and company by providing regular updates on legal changes that impact your job. We also offer periodic opportunities for training on changes in the law and opportunities for staff training on best practices for minimizing legal risk.   
  • We maintain a dialog with you about how you want cases handled and what is or is not working for you and we can change strategies at any time. 
  • Most property management companies prefer to have us bill owners directly but if you have a different contractual arrangement with your clients, we can accommodate you.