If you rent a basement apartment, a room in your home, or rent out your home or condo while you are out of DC, you might not even think of yourself as a landlord. But the stakes are often much higher for you when a tenant fails to pay or behaves in a way that damages your property or makes it impossible for you to enjoy your home. You may not have known you needed to get the same licenses and have the same inspections as a large building. But now you are facing financial ruin and having the rest of your life upended without anywhere to turn. Perhaps you went to court and had your case dismissed. Perhaps you sought advice from people in the courthouse, websites, or friends who are lawyers. If you are living with a problem tenant you aren't alone. It's a situation that happens everyday in DC.

If you want to discuss your situation, we offer unbundled or comprehensive legal services for individuals. That means we can provide you with a substantive consultation where we review your documents and information in depth and provide you with concrete advice and a plan of action you can use to decide how to proceed either with additional legal help or on your own. Often, we can provide suggestions for steps to take before legal action that may resolve problem. We are always here if those strategies are unsuccessful and you need to move forward with suing the tenant. 

We understand that living with a problem tenant requires more than a legal strategy. You may be afraid to take any action for fear the situation will get worse. We are here to provide you with the best possible guidance for both the legal and interpersonal strategies we have found helpful for dealing with problem tenants. 

Contact us if you want to arrange a consultation and case review to get started.