If you or a loved one have a family member living in your property who refuses to leave, the situation is always complicated. You might be embarrassed about asking for help or ashamed that you need to evict your parent, child, niece, nephew, or grandchild. Don't be. I have handled many family eviction cases. While the situations are always personal and delicate, they are rarely insurmountable. Shame is not your friend and I am here to advocate for you.

Somewhat similar are cases that involve terminated household employees, often nannies or adult caregivers who refuse to move when their services are no longer needed. Again, you may feel guilt or shame about wanting this person who cared for your loved one to move out.

We offer a nonjudgmental and caring law office that has handled these issues before and will work with you to find a solution that fits your wishes and protects your legal rights and financial future. 

We offer unbundled or comprehensive legal services, starting with substantive consultations where we review your documents and information in depth and provide you with concrete advice and a plan of action you can use to decide how to proceed either with additional legal help or on your own. Often, we can provide suggestions for steps to take before legal action that may resolve problem. We are always here if those strategies are unsuccessful and you need to move forward with a law suit. 

Contact us if you want to arrange a consultation and case review to get started.