DCRA’s New and “Improved” Enforcement Process 
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 1:08AM
Emilie Fairbanks

So DCRA has “streamlined” the inspection process they do after a tenant complains about housing code violations. As a landlord you no longer receive notice of the violation, time to correct, and then reinspection to determine if you’ve completed the repairs. Now, the inspection leads directly to issuing a fine and there is no reinspection. You are referred to the Office of Administrative Hearings for a hearing. 

This is now an adversarial process. Landlords will need to do a much better job of documenting repairs because there is no follow up before an OAH hearing and fines are automatic. Instead of creating a working relationship with landlords, inspectors and tenants to get things fixed, landlords must now treat notices of violation like a government subpoena, obtain counsel and treat inspectors as the equivalent of police officers. 

The environment at DCRA has changed. Be aware. 

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