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DCRA Proactive Inspections Schedule

About a year ago, DCRA started “proactive inspections” of residential units in the District of Columbia.  All this really means is that they are doing inspections no one specifically requested.  They post the list of inspections to be done each month on their website here: http://www.dcra.dc.gov/DC/DCRA/Inspections/Proactive+Inspections

 While the landlord should get notice as well, it is worth keeping on eye on the list each month to make certain your property isn’t on the list and your notice was lost in the mail.

It is unclear how these inspections are going, or if they are even occurring as scheduled.  If you have any experience with the proactive inspection process, as either a landlord or a tenant, I would love to hear about it.  Send me an email at efairbanks@efairbankslaw.com with Proactive Inspection Story in the subject line.  

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